First tattoo on real skin

Life is pain - Lettering

Trust your strength

Love - Lettering

Knight helmet

Japanese cloud


Black and white mandala

 Mandala with brush lines

Butterfly with brush style

B&W butterfly 

When old school meets new school


Associated with determination, strength, and leadership
the ram is a potent symbol as well as
an extremely impressive animal

Old school swallow

Traditional eagle with red brush

Black brushes with red splashes

M & V letters with shapes and brushes

Black brushes

 Black brush with spalshes

Paisley with brushes

Old school butterlfy

Blue dragonfly

B&W moth

infinite triangle




Seahorse with blue splash

Sketch style


FLower with snake -Black and White

Hannya mask with colorful snake

Blind woman with flowers-black & white

Sphynx with flowers-black & white

Whale with lines and brushes

Versace logo with brushes

Chanel logo with brush style

Medusa with brushes

Heart with brushes

Owl with brushes


New mandala style with fresh brush

Flying bird with blue brush style

Bull skull with blue lines

Japan wave style with flowers (kanagawa)

Rose window notre dame with blue waves